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"Garage/Body Work/Towing"
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Garage Sap Marnix welcomes you

Situated in Alveringem since 1979.

We are at your service for:

  • Garage / Body work
  • Towing of trucks and cars
  • Second hand cars


Ons wagenpark

We help drivers in West-Flanders and the north of France since many years and this 24/7.


For urgent accidents and towing, contact us at any time on: +3258/28.82.25 of +32475/78.28.34.


Onze tweedehandse wagensWe always have a range of second hand cars available. We check and approve them before putting them up for sale.


You can contact us for a test drive.

30 YEARS Garage Sap

30 jaar Garage Sap

Click here or at the picture to see the photos of our 30 years celibration..

A short report of our party can be found at in the section "jij was erbij".
We'd like to thank everyone for coming on friday 11/09/2009.

Our old site is still reachable on Angelfire!

OUR garage:

Final towing jobs on photo:

  • (4-06-2011)gekantelde sproeimachine
  • (13-11-2010) Melkcamion in Woesten
  • (22-10-2010) Vrachtwagen (Alveringem)


Garage Sap Marnix
Hoogstadestraat  63
8690 Alveringem

Tel.: 003258/28.82.25
Fax :003258/28.93.76
KBO BE 0822.885.840
E-Mail: Marnix Sap